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Critical Questions I’ve Received From Readers Below

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Now onto questions readers ask me…

A few include:

– What wood types the best companies use
– Glues — will they harm you?
– The truth about EMF levels
– Infrared heaters… What should you really be looking for
– How to get the most out of your daily sauna sessions
– Common health benefits & some that are rarely discussed
– The two big differences between infrared and traditional saunas

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Woods types used in construction

My Answer:

Hello Bob – nice to hear from you. This is a great question. I’m pleased that you asked it because it tells me you’ve already done quite a bit of research on the infra red sauna.

It is true that if the wood isn’t properly treated it will cause out gassing. This is why you hear me mention so often to do your research. To invest with a good company that not only makes a great unit but, also truly cares about their customers.

Before I give you a detailed answer, let me assure you that I, too, had this same question. I asked a lot of different so-called experts but it seemed nobody could give me a specific, straight answer.

It wasn’t until I found a true and honest FIR technology expert that I finally got the answer I was looking for. You can actually listen to a new interview series that I did with this expert. It’s here.

Here is the specific answer to your great question:

Greg (the owner of Vital Saunas) told me that his company uses a very specific treatment process. I had never heard of such a thing before or since then. It goes like this…

“We utilize a five step treatment process that virtually eliminates out gassing and keeps the wood from warping while being heated by the unit. It is important especially with Red Cedar that the wood is treated for this out gassing. The process is intense but well worth the extra time. Here it is:

— Sun Dried
— Heated in high temperature
— The fat is removed
— Put through a distillation process to remove water
— Pressurized

Pretty cool process. What ever company you’re looking to invest with, make sure they have some sort of treatment process like this. It shows the company cares enough to make sure their products are extremely high quality, and your safety is of the utmost importance.

Cedar woodTaking for granted that a process like this has been utilized to do away with any out gassing – then
I definitely believe cedar is the best wood to use.

Here’s a few reasons why off the top of my head:

It looks very classy, majestic and will certainly create much curiosity when you have guests.

Common remarks are, “What a beautiful piece of … … … what exactly is it?”

Usually followed by, “Where can I get one!”

Your unit will also be a one-of-a-kind as no two look exactly the same. It will have a slightly different color shade and pattern variety.

Very important is the fact that this specific wood also has the ability to actually kill mold, bacteria, and other hazardous germs. Making it super easy to maintain and keep clean.

It has a fresh and pleasurable aroma. It won’t fade or lose its color.

And, unlike cheaper wood, cedar won’t split or crack from the heating up and cooling down during your sessions.

I should add that the two best wood types to use in the construction are Red Cedar & Hemlock. Hemlock will run you a little less. It’s a good wood and it’s very sturdy.

This is a great alternative for people who are allergic to cedar. These are the only two wood types I suggest. I strongly advice you to stay away from any other types.

Hope that helped, Bob.


Toxic glues used in construction

My Answer:

Hi Mary. You’re very welcome, I’m glad you found my information helpful. Certainly I have heard, some of the glues used, contain toxins. If you purchase from the right company you will not have any problems as these companies use ‘water based – non-toxic’ glues for their construction. This type of glue will absolutely cause you no harm.

However, if it’s the wrong company, that carries an inferior product, then you may run into
some serious issues. It’s why during your research it’s important to look for companies that have
their certifications in line. Such as:

– CE Certified
BBB member

This is your “insurance” that they are following every possible guideline for your safety
and well being.

Hope that helps, Mary!


EMF LevelsMy Answer:

I’m glad you’re getting a lot out of my articles, Doug. You are absolutely right. EMF levels
are extremely important. This is another major problem with buying a unit from the wrong infrared sauna company.

EMF levels come from the most important component of the unit – the heaters.

First, stay away from ‘ceramic’ heaters. They can have hot spots and won’t give you the
all important even distribution. In my opinion, after about four years of researching and personal use, they are simply outdated.

Always go with quality ‘carbon fiber’ heaters. They will give you the ‘even distribution’ of the heat that is absolutely critical to getting all the health and healing benefits.

Also, to get this full, even distribution, the carbon fiber heaters need to have certain characteristics.

The best ones tend to have…

Extremely low & safe EMF levels – (2.4 Mg at the bench and 1.4 exterior emissions)

Lifetime warranty included – (Absolutely NO exceptions)

Wider by design
– (Will give you more even distribution)

Thin & Light weight
– (Advanced technology – not bulky and outdated)

– (Environment friendly and safe for you)

Energy-efficient –
(Can save 30% – 50% in energy costs over other types)

Ultra-conductive panels for prolonged lifespan
– (Commercial and rated at 200,000 hours)

NO grid of wires running through them –
(A quick sign of a cheap imitation)

They are also strategically placed for maximum benefit.

For example, my personal two person has large heaters in front, in the floor, under the bench, on my right and left side, and directly behind me. Not only are the EMF levels some of the lowest in the industry but, it allows for plenty of far heat to absorb into my body from every possible angle. This all together makes for very therapeutic, beneficial, daily sessions.

The truth is, companies make many claims. Most are scare tactics. If you do your research,
and invest with the right company, you won’t be in any danger.

In reality, if you use a cell phone – or take the computer you sent this email with – you will find that they transmit EMF levels. Shocking is the fact that if you tested the levels you would find your cell phone and computer transmit more EMF than a top quality far sauna!

I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Thanks for the important question, Doug.


How To Do Daily SessionsMy Answer:

Wow! Angela, great questions. I should have addressed these before now. I’ve been so concerned with my readers not getting scammed by buying an inferior product, that I totally skipped over how to utilize the sauna once you get it for maximum effectiveness. Fortunately, I can shed some light on these questions for you.

First, after you’re done with each session just soak a small towel in some fresh water and do a ten second wipe down of any sweat spots you see. I suggest starting with a twenty to thirty
minute session. Then you can quickly build up to thirty – forty – even a solid hour if you want.

Next, everybody is hardwired a bit differently. It does seem that (overall) men sweat more than women do. This isn’t true in all cases.

So the first thing I would say is experiment. Some women have told me that they will take a quick shower before their session. This is to open their pores as they will start sweating sooner once the session begins. Your body may react differently.

Men that I have spoken with (including myself) do not take a shower beforehand.

So see what works better for you personally. For example, take a shower before your session one time. Then don’t the next and really pay attention to how your body reacts.

You may find that there is a very noticeable difference, or no difference at all.

Always shower immediately after each session. You do not want to give any harmful toxins even a slight change of absorbing back into your skin. Here’s a good rule to follow Angela:

You should take a cool rinse for two to three minutes to remove all sweat from your body.

You can then wash your hair and body with shampoo/soap.

It should be a cool rinse for the first couple of minutes because this will immediately close your pores and rinse the toxins off your body at the same time.

Then it’s fine to make the water warmer.

Depending on who is around, I usually wear swimming trunks during my sessions. After I’m done I hop in the shower with the trunks still on.

Once I have completely cleaned my trunks of sweat and toxins, I take them off, ring them out, and just leave them hang in the shower to dry.

The next day they are dry and ready to go. Then, of course, I wash them at least once per week. Women can do the same with a bathing suit if they can’t, or feel uncomfortable, doing their daily sessions naked.

I also take a soft, bath towel in with me. I fold it so it’s double layered. Then I sit it on the bench. That way it catches a lot of sweat that drips from my body. And, it protects the bench making clean up even easier.

Just be absolutely sure you are keeping yourself very hydrated.

Hope that was helpful to you, Angela… and… thanks for telling me how my information helped you and your husband.

That makes all the time I’ve spent writing my research out really worth while. I know you and your husband are going to love this technology as much as I still do!


My answer:

Hi Ida – these are great questions. It’s perfectly understandable that you and your husband would be confused as there is a lot of conflicting, untrue advice floating around out there.

Let me start by answering your first two questions:

The biggest differences between infrared and traditional saunas
Traditional saunas are much harder to install – usually you have to hire an electrician as well. You can’t move them after they are installed either. They tend to be harder to clean because the way they get heated is much different. There will be moisture which contains bacteria (mold). They heat up the room making it much harder to breathe. You can’t stay in them for longer periods of time so, in my opinion, you won’t get near as many health benefits.

Infrared saunas on the other hand are easy to assemble. Take a look on this page of my website and watch me assemble a two person unit fast. It’s just as easy to un-assemble them, too. I have moved mine a few different times. Mine plugs right into a regular outlet – no electrician needed. It’s very easy to clean (less than 1 minute) because the unit won’t have a lot of moisture.

This is extremely important: Unlike Finnish saunas, these don’t heat up the room near as much – they heat the object in the room much more. This is what makes this technology so powerful and unique. They have the ability to ‘penetrate’ into your muscles and tissues.

The Finnish is not capable of this deep penetrating heat!

You can also enjoy longer daily sessions because you won’t be forced out by a shortness of breath.

This penetrating heat should be outstanding for you and your husband. Because many scientific tests show they can make a world of difference for anyone seeking natural pain relief.

Your arthritis pain will most likely become way more manageable!

It is the penetrating values that really give you the health advantages. Just be sure you follow my advice from above… Especially about the infrared heaters.

Onto your next question: In my personal experience there are many health and healing advantages that come from utilizing this technology.

In the video below I talk about some general infrared sauna health benefits. But, I also wanted to give you a few from my personal experience that I’ve never heard mentioned before.

Push play…

Here’s another one for you, Ida.

 The True Importance Of Detox, Releasing Harmful Toxins & The Effects
Of Sweating The Right Way:

This one is similar to the above but it has a few interesting facts that you should know about radiant heat & light therapy…

What Results Can You Expect From Utilizing This Technology On A Consistent Basis:
I’m sure you’ve heard many weight loss health benefit claims & energy expenditure associated with this technology. The Journal Of The American Medical Association was talking about
burning calories with saunas clear back in 1981!

Here’s My Take On Losing Weight With This Technology:
However, there is something important to keep in mind:

Effects Of The SaunaYou’ve got to stick to a routine. 30 minute per day sessions are just fine. (Actually I usually do two. One in the morning and again at night. Talk about sleeping like a baby.)

This is important to understand because realize this technology has an accumulative effect.

Meaning you will notice certain advantages pretty much right away. But, the more you use it – the more infrared sauna benefits you will see and feel.

It’s truly a place to let go – unwind – and forget about the hustle and bustle of life… even if it’s just for a short while. In fact, you will soon absolutely look forward to your daily sessions. After all, it’s so uncommon to find something so beneficial and relaxing at the same time.

Having an outlet to release that daily stress and tension in a positive way can alone work wonders for your health and happiness.

One last tip I have for you Ida: When you’re evaluating companies and looking at different units for sale I would advice you to stay away from ‘kits’. What you want is a ‘pre-fabricated’ unit. Trust me on this.

The video below explains why…

I Would Strongly Advice You To Never Invest In A ‘Kit’ – Here’s What To Do Instead:

Hope that helps you and your husband, Ida.

By the way I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about what FIR sauna I personally recommend and use in my own home. More details can be found here: Best overall product

Glen –

Glen Porter has been researching & using the far infrared sauna technology for over 5 years. He’s convinced of the health & healing benefits & would like to share his knowledge, experience & information with you.