About Glen Porter

Over 5 years ago Glen was feverishly researching a natural approach to help his mom with
her severe aches and pain, and overall health problems, after ‘medicine’ doctors had failed.

He stumbled across the technology known as far infrared sauna therapy.

Out of desperation he decided to give it a try.

It helped his mom so much that he felt the need to spread the word and tell as many people
as possible about all the health benefits.

He has written hundreds of articles – is the owner of 3 web sites and has made over a dozen videos all focused on far infrared saunas.

In his own words:

“I get people thanking me on a daily basis for the impact I’ve made in their lives.

It makes all the hard work I’ve put in, finding the real truth, and bringing that truth front and center for anyone looking to change their health for the better totally worthwhile.”


First I’d like to welcome you to my website infrared-saunas.org.

If you pay close attention, you’re going to learn a lot.

You’re also going to vastly short-cut the learning curve that I had to go through.


– What to watch out for
– How to not get totally scammed
– How to get the best overall value for your investment
– Several of the biggest benefits and how they really work
– And much more

I also have my own so I don’t just talk the talk. I do actually walk the walk.

If you need a recommendation you can find more information on this page.

I wish you the best
Glen –