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Listen: I’m here to help you better your health and overall life.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask me questions that are pressing to you. No question is dumb.

After all, we’re talking about something critical here… Your health!

*Note: I do get asked a lot of questions.

Since I personally answer each person back please be patient.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

It may take me a few days but I will share my knowledge and experience as best I can to help you.

You can reach me here:

* Note: Although I really enjoyed my readers asking me questions in the ‘comment’ section – I had to close it. I began getting tons of spam – I hate when that happens!

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience but, all questions are welcomed by
sending me a personal email at:

Also, readers continue to ask me to point them towards a reputable company. Just go to my best overall product page. There, you can find out about the company and the owner because I did an interview with him. In fact, if you look around at the different pages of this website you’ll find several different interviews I did with him. All of which are very important.

I looking forward to hearing from you!
Glen –

4 thoughts on “Ask Questions

  1. Tarik

    Hey Glen, thanks for your info on the website. However, I am in the market for an FIR sauna, but live in a NYC apartment. What smaller sizes/portable FIR saunas would you recomend?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Paula Stein

    HI Glen:
    Thank for your website and great info. You do help take the guess work out.
    I have mold toxic and heavy metal poisoning. I have been thinking about purchasing
    a Lux Sauna. Dr. Gabriel Cousins recommends and uses Lux at his retreat center.
    Do you have any info or opinions about this company? The sauna has EMF – 2.47 and the prices are good. Please if you could list your favorite companies as well.

    Thank you for your help!

  3. Glen Porter Post author

    Hi Paula – You are very welcome.

    I’m so glad you’re finding my information useful. It makes all the time I’ve spent researching and getting the information up well worth it.

    Saving my readers time, money, and a lot of grief is what I’m really trying to accomplish.

    To your questions:

    There is not a better way to detox yourself than by using a high quality FIR sauna on a regular basis. At least not a better way that I’ve ever discovered.

    Ok, as far as the company you mentioned – I would strongly suggest you watch my ‘Quickly Reviewing Companies’ video. Just scroll to the top – you can’t miss it.

    Of course, I do have my own opinion but, I’m not looking to bash other companies. Especially when you can watch my video and quickly discover the truth for yourself.

    My favorite company (and the FIR sauna I personally own) can be found on my ‘Best Overall Product’ page.

    Hope that helps, Paula.
    Glen –

  4. Glen Porter Post author

    Hi Tarik –

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I’m personally not a fan of portable FIR saunas. There are several reasons I feel this way.

    My suggestion would be to just invest in a 1-person far sauna. You can cram that into almost any space – even if it’s a pretty small area.

    That’s what I would do!
    Best of luck –

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