Best Overall Product

Glen’s Personal Recommendation Below:

Before I tell you the reasons why I recommend this specific company, check out the 30 second video below. They were just featured on…

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

In case you don’t know I’ve been researching and using this technology for 5+ years. I’ve written hundreds of articles on the topic… and produced… over a dozen videos.

I know pretty much every company that exists. I’ve talked personally with most of them.

All this to tell you…

I’ve done the hard, time consuming part for you… so you don’t have to!

My personal recommendation consists of “best overall value”.

Which is broken down by important aspects of the company and their far infrared saunas
in general.

They are as follows…

  1. Lifetime warranty. The company is well established and stands behind
    their guarantee
  2. The use of the best types of wood. And the wood is treated properly
  3. Heater quality with low EMF. Advanced technology that gives you the utmost
    health advantages
  4. Priced fairly in the marketplace. Priced well below the actual value you get
  5. Superior customer service – Quick response to customers – A willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure customers are overly happy
  6. Customer reviews. What past customers have to say about the company
  7. Honestly, loyalty, integrity, and transparency to their customers
  8. Properly engineering of the units to maximize health benefits

Hundreds (if not over a thousand) of my readers have taken my recommendation over the last 5+ years.

I haven’t received any complaints… once again… I have not received even 1 complaint.

This is unheard of in this market but it’s the God honest truth. However, I have (and still) receive many ‘thank you’ emails from my readers.

There is one more EXTREMELY important aspect to why this specific company gets my
highest personal recommendation:

I look for ‘exclusivity’ – features you can’t get anywhere else…
For any price.

This is why Greg Baumgartner’s company not only gets my highest recommendation – I also use their far infrared sauna in my own home.

Here’s a few key points you should know about Greg’s company Vital Health Saunas:

Greg has an engineering & electronics degree. He has designed his saunas in a very specific way which gives his customers the very most health advantages.

From heater placement – to treating the wood properly. There are many little things that make a huge difference but are somewhat hidden to most people.

Other companies have not done this and they do not have this specific experience.

Greg also includes Magnetic Flux Therapy into his units. His company is the ONLY company that does this. You can learn much more about the vast health advantages of Magnetic Flux Therapy on his website.

Greg also has a receptacle and charging station built in to his units. There are many benefits to this. Greg’s company is once again the ONLY company in existence that has this.

You can learn more about the many benefits of his saunas compared to other companies by visiting his website. It’s here:

Greg's websiteOr you can click on this link: Vital Health Saunas

I’m telling you – don’t make a mistake and invest with the wrong company. Greg’s saunas will change your life!

His new 2016 models are out of this world… and… they’re selling out fast so don’t delay and get left behind.

It’s not uncommon for his units to sell out so quickly that, in the past, he’s had a 2 month waiting list.

Visit his website now and pick your new far infrared sauna model…

Greg's websiteYou can also click this link: Vital Health Saunas.

More About Vital Health Saunas

gregOwner Of Vital Health Saunas:
Greg Baumgartner & His Mariam

Towards the end of Greg’s 20 year Navy career, he started having back problems.

After he retired, he began looking for a holistic approach to cure his pain, as he admits to never being much of a ‘take a pill for the rest of your life’ type of person.

He got interested in sauna therapy and quickly figured out that it really helped.

That was 10+ years ago.

Greg also realized there were many flaws in the far infrared sauna market.

Fascinated with the possibilities, he set out to build his own company and to build better FIR saunas.

That was over 7 years ago.

Today, his company Vital Health Saunas is stronger than ever.

Vital Health Saunas is known by many experts to be the industry leader – setting standards for all other companies to follow.

Greg is now so knowledgeable on the far infrared sauna technology, that many well
established experts call on him for his expertise & understanding.

A few of Greg’s accomplishments:

  • Masters in community services
  • Health & wellness degree
  • Electronics degree
  • Engineering degree

In his own words:

“I knew by combining my experience in health & wellness, engineering, and electronics I could build a unit that would offer the greatest amount of health benefits.

I set out to change people’s life’s and so far my team and I have been successful.

Our goal is to change the world for the better and that’s what we’re going to continue to strive for well into the future.”

Hope my recommendation has been helpful to you!

God Bless

Glen Porter –
Glen Assembling A Far Sauna