Is The FIR Best For Your Health?

The Far Infrared Sauna IS Your Best Choice – Here’s Why:

Major breakthrough below…

Far Infrared Sauna

Finally, fir saunas are becoming more known for their incredible ability to improve your health – healing and overall lifestyle.

I mean how else can you sit back, relax and
get healthier?

It really is time to give credit where credit is due!

Although this is not a new technology. The best companies continue to evolve and make their units even more beneficial.

For example, my favorite company and the far sauna I personally have in my own home, seen in the video below…

… Continues to advance and has stumbled onto another major breakthrough. Putting them miles ahead of any other FIR company out there in terms of overall value.

Price – Much less than what other inferior far infrared saunas are selling for
Customer Service – Always a phone call away
Safety – Low EMF heaters
Construction – Durable and only the best woods are used
Warranty – Lifetime of course
And so much more.

Even more important, they are the first (and only) company to offer this super advanced healing technology built right into their units.

This advanced technology is called…

“Magnetic Flux Therapy”

Backed with a substantial amount of scientific evidence… and…  stacks of consumer testimonials…

Magnetic flux therapy is best known for helping you alleviate pain associated with:

– Carpal tunnel
– Arthritis
– Fibromyalgia
– Sciatica
– Back Pain
– And other aches and pains as well

It also aids you in increasing blood circulation. Which can work wonders for:

– Sleeping problems
– High blood pressure
– Diabetes
– High blood pressure
– High cholesterol
– Softens arteries
– Reduces swelling
– Calms your nervous system
– Even assists in relief of addictive tendencies

Sounds good, huh?

Well I got something even better for you. If you haven’t noticed, I actually did an interview with the owner of this specific far infrared sauna company.

I have received dozens and dozens of emails – readers giving me praise and gratitude. Telling me how much it’s helped them. Really makes me feel good!

But, here’s what’s really important: For a limited time you can get the magnetic flux therapy upgrade at absolutely no charge. Notta – zilch – zip.

I really don’t know how long this limited offer will last. But do yourself a favor and listen to this interview as soon as possible. It’s here:


I hope that helps.

Glen –
Glen Porter