Here’s Why The FIR Is Best For Your Health

There’s No Doubt The Far Infrared Sauna IS Your Best Choice But Do You Really Know Why?

Read on and I’ll tell you…

Far Infrared SaunaFinally, fir saunas are becoming more known for their incredible ability to improve your health – healing and overall lifestyle.

I mean how else can you sit back, relax and
get healthier?

However, as the popularity and interest of
this technology grows – it comes with a price.

Unethical people see opportunity to make a quick buck so they start unethical businesses.

This leads to many good-hearted people – only wanting to better their life by using this technology – to get taken advantage of. That’s the part that I can’t (and won’t) stand for.

It’s why I’m here. To give you the honest information you need to make a wise
purchasing decision should you want your own home unit in the near future.

No hype – No lies – No manipulation. Just the facts.

In the past, I have given my readers information that was not… in the least… favorable to less than honest companies out there.

But, to my readers this information was gold. And, by the amount of thank you emails I continue to receive, I know it’s helping a lot of people.

Having said that, this next piece of information will be no different. Yes, it will be unfavorable to many companies out there but I don’t care. It’s critical for my readers to understand.

So exactly what makes the far sauna better for your health?


It’s the most important component of this specific technology.

It’s also how many companies ‘cut corners’ making you believe what they have
is something special.

But, in reality, what they do is use marketing hype – over-inflate their prices – and sell you junk.

The worst part is, it can be very hard to tell the difference unless your listening to the right people and getting the right information.

There are two main components that give you all the health benefits.
They MUST work in harmony…

You need high quality heaters because they will give you the penetrating heat values.

You also must have even heat distribution… and… the heat must penetrate you from every and all directions.

It’s a combination of the right heaters – engineered the right way. Think of it as a one – two punch.

Without this combination you WILL run into all sorts of problems. You simply will not get all
the advantages. In some cases you will actually hurt your health.

That summed up is what makes this technology so unique and effective to your health.

The heat absorbs and penetrates you properly… IF… You get the combination right.

Below is a new interview that Greg and I just finished up. Greg knows more about this technology than anyone I’ve ever talked to. And, I’ve talked to dozens and dozens of so-called experts.

This interview is especially important because it’s all about what to look for in heaters… and… what to avoid at all cost. I encourage you to pay close attention to it.

Push play now…

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I hope that helps.
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