How To NOT Get Scammed When Looking To Buy

Infrared Saunas For Sale – Getting the Best ROI

Inside-Top-Full-View-240-VoltTo make sure you get the very best return on your investment – I wanted to give you some valuable information to look for. Basically to help you determine if you’re making a
wise decision or not.

Trust me, I went through the same
fears, frustrations, and concerns you are
probably experiencing now.

It can be very overwhelming when you go to actually buy an infrared sauna. After all, who wants to make a mistake – waste their hard earned money – and have nothing but problems.

One of the very greatest ways to get all the health advantages this technology offers
is by listening to the right people.

Experts that REALLY know what their talking about. Experts you can trust. Why? Because there are ways that companies can mislead you. They can ‘cut corners’ with their units and there’s a very good chance you won’t even realize it until it’s too late.

This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to getting the best return on your investment. I’m not just talking about a financial investment either. I’m talking about an investment in you and your health.

For example:

Unethical companies (which there are a lot of) can easily cut corners when it comes to the type of wood that’s used in the construction of the unit.

Not only the type but, also how it’s distilled. See, if the wood is not distilled properly it can be
very hazardous. So instead of bettering your health, you worsen it.

This stuff is critical for you to know if you’re considering purchasing your own infrared sauna. These are the critical elements that will help you make an educated decision.

New Interview Below: Wood Types – The Two Best To Use For Indoor Units

Technology expert Greg, and I, just finished up a new interview that you can listen to below. It will tell you the two types of wood to use. It will tell you how the wood should be treated so it doesn’t cause harmful out-gassing. It will tell you about glues, wall thickness and much more.

This is really important stuff to know so you don’t get scammed.

Listen to it now. Just push play:

Do you need a recommendation? Are you thinking of buying your own home unit?

Click the link below – it will give you information about the company that I’ve been recommending and personally using myself, for over 5 years now…

Glen’s Recommendation

Be sure to check out my recommendation because you wouldn’t believe the amount of emails I get.

Readers telling me how much they wish they would have found my information sooner because they got ripped off.

Either because they bought from the wrong company or because they bought used and there is something wrong with it. Of course most companies don’t honor (or have) a solid warranty to start with. But when it’s a second owner… Forget about it!

Getting a high quality unit can make all the difference in the world to your health – get the wrong one will be nothing but a miserable, costly, time wasted mistake.

Mailbag Question From Violet:

Hi Glen, I found a really good deal on a used unit. It’s a (name deleted).

Is it a good idea to purchase this in your opinion?

Thanks Violet

Hi Violet – thanks for writing in. While it may seem like a great deal I would strongly advice you to reconsider.

Should anything go wrong – the company will not honor a warranty – if – they had one to start with.

Since you would not be the ‘original’ owner.

It’s a much smarter idea to purchase new.

Get a lifetime warranty from the start, so you’re completely covered.

And, if you go with the same unit I personally have, it doesn’t cost much more anyway.

Really think about what I’m saying here. In the long run you’ll actually save yourself money and a lot of hassle.

By the way, in case you’re wondering Violet, in the video below is the unit I personally use.

It’s also the company owner that I did the above interview with.

Talk soon,
Glen Porter



2 thoughts on “How To NOT Get Scammed When Looking To Buy

  1. Glen Porter Post author

    You’re very welcome Russ. I really care about my readers and try to provide quality information from my personal experience. I have been researching (and using) this technology for almost 4 years now. So I do know a thing or two.

    From what you indicated – I would suggest you hop over to my ‘Best Overall Product’ page. Just scroll up to the top – you can’t miss it. There you’ll find a really good interview I recently did with the owner of a very reputable FIR company.

    If I were to recommend one company it would be that one. After tons of time researching I feel they really will give you the best overall return on your investment. For elements like:

    – High quality
    – Advanced technology
    – Very reasonably priced-
    – Outstanding customer service
    – Lifetime warranty
    – Etc.

    It’s also the exact same far sauna I have and use in my own personal home. Hope that helps, Russ.
    Glen –

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