Quickly Reviewing Companies Without Wasting Your Time

Infrared Sauna Reviews… The Easy Way

There are certain elements you’ll want to pay close attention to as you researchInside-Top-Front-View-120-Volt
different companies and units.

They are extremely important so you get the very best return on your investment without making a huge mistake.

Invaluable New Short Interview Below:

I lost track of how many nuggets
technology expert Greg, and I, shared in this 11 minute, information packed interview.

I highly recommend you listen to it a few times. It will help you tremendously.

From simple Google searches you can do to quickly figure out if a company is misleading you… to why it can be a HUGE mistake to pay attention to doctor testimonials… and everything in between.

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Yes Glen – I would like to know more about the company that you personally use in your own home

Note* The video below is an older video (it’s still worth watching) that will show you a few
key ingredients for researching the company and sauna you’re interested in. But, you’re
much better off listening to the 11 minute interview above. It’s brand new and will give you even more information.

I guarantee it will save you much time, frustration and grief.

Infrared Sauna ReviewsFollowing these steps will take a lot of the guesswork out of it for you. As I know (from
personal experience) how confusing it can be trying to make a wise decision.

While the guidelines are not a hundred percent guaranteed, it’s as close as you’ll ever get when it comes to choosing a high quality FIR unit.

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